Monday, September 13, 2010

Dinosoar Songs and Rhymes

5 Enormous Dinosaurs
(can be done as a finger play or on a felt board)
5 enormous dinosaurs letting out a roar
One went away and then there were 4
4 enormous dinosaurs munching on a tree
One went away and then there were 3
3 enormous dinosaurs didn't know what to do
One went away and then there were 2
2 enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun
1 went away and then there were 1
1 enormous dinosaur wants to be a hero
He went away and then there were zero!

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (sung to row row row your boat)
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, eating fruits and leaves
Take a bite, chew it up, spit out all the seeds

Daisy the Dancing Dinosaur (a rhyming tale)
Daisy the Dino lived on a hill, she loved to dance, she never sat still!
She would whirl and twirl and stomp on the ground, and everything in town would fall right down!
She made all the ground rumble and shake, the people thought that it was an earthquake!
Night came and the town wanted to sleep, but daisy the dino just danced on her feet!
First the tried singing Daisy to sleep, but Daisy just danced to the sound of the beat!
Then they trained sheep to jump over her head, but Daisy just jumped over them instead!
Finally the town went to Daisy and said "Daisy the Dino, you go to bed!"
She closed her eyes and heaved a great sigh, then fell asleep by my oh my!
What a racket! What a roar! Daisy the Dino had started to snore!

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