Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaf Songs and Rhymes

Autumn Winds (can be done as a circle game, like ring around the rosie)
Autumn winds begin to blow
Colored leaves fall fast and slow
Whirling twirling all around
Till at last the touch the ground

5 Little Leaves
5 little leaves so bright and gay
Were dancing about on a tree one day
The wind came blowing thru the town
And one little leaf came tumbling down
(4, 3, 2, 1)

We also tried a longer story this week, which went over quite well. It was simple enough to memorize and while Zeke didnt really ask for it, like he did our Daisy the Dino story, he listened each of the 2 or 3 times I told it.

The Little Leaf
Once upon a time a little leaf was heard to sigh and cry. The twig he grew upon asked him "What's the matter little leaf?" and the leaf answered, "The wind told me that one day I will fall to the ground."

The twig told this to the branch on which it grew, and the branch told it to the tree, and when the tree heard it, it rustled all over and told the leaf, "Don't be afraid. Hold on tight, and you shall not go until you are ready." And so the leaf stopped sighing.

Every time the tree shook itself and stirred up it's leaves, the branches shook themselves, and the twigs shook themselves, and the leaf danced up and down merrily as if nothing could ever pull it off. And so it went all summer.

Then, when the bright days of Autumn came, the little leaf saw all the leaves around him become very beautiful. Some became yellow, some red, and some striped with both. IT asked the tree what it meant, and the tree said, "All the leaves are getting ready to fly, and they have put on these beautiful colors for the joy of it."

The little leaf began to want to fly as well and it grew very beautiful thinking about it. Just then, a little wind came and the leaf let go, without even thinking about it, and the wind took it up and turned it over and over, and it flew thru the air.

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