Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up A is for Apple

I have to admit, 3 weeks in and already I'm seriously considering giving up on Circle Time altogether. It just feels silly, to go into the school room and sing songs and tell stories sitting in a little tri-pod, the three of us. We sing songs in the car, and while we cook, and when we are waiting, and while we settle for bed, ect. It makes sense to me to present little songs and rhymes about apples, for instance, while we are picking apples, or while we are cutting them for snack, or while we stick little apple stickers onto our paper...but circle time seems really inorganic.

Next week we are taking off, since we will be out of town for a good portion of it for a wedding. So I will think about it in the interim. Circle might just be one of those things that for better or worse works great in a preschool but not so much at home.

This week was a bit willy-nilly anyways. My littlest was sick so things got done when they could. In fact, we haven't even done our cooking projects yet- the apple sauce got started this afternoon but wont be finished until after dinner for dessert. And our Apple pie's are getting made tomorrow.

We had a lot of fun this week, however. I was right, the apple stickers went better then the zoo ones did. Was this because he had too much to do last week? Or was it because sticking apples onto a tree is more fun then just sticking stickers onto wax? I'm not sure. From now on I think I will make stickers a more purposeful project, like this week, though. Zeke seemed to enjoy the end product an awful lot.

Playdough was also a hit. I think it will be offered a lot. And the coin slot was a surprising smash hit. Both boys liked to play with that one. For hours. Literally.

Apple printing was a bigger mess then I really had the patience for, but do it anyways, we did. Honestly? I might as well skipped it, lol. It's a fun idea but I think he would have been just as pleased to paint with a brush.

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