Monday, November 22, 2010

Cutting With Scissors

It occurred to me that while I often list cutting with scissors as one of our activities, I've never gone into depth on how I do this with a child so young.

Well, first I took paper and set it in a book holder. This way both of Zeke's hands were free to cut "fringe" while he mastered the way the scissors worked.
When he had happily fringed several pieces of paper and seemed like he had mastered the scissors with two hands, I took thick construction paper and cut it into strips. This forced him to cut with one hand, as the other was busy holding his strip of paper, but it was an easy introduction as the strip was thin enough to be cut thru in a single cut.

Next I encouraged him to cut his own strips of paper, all the way down the sheet, and soon enough I will draw jagged and curved lines down paper for him to follow- and not long after that simple shapes for him to cut out.

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