Friday, November 19, 2010

GreatThanksgiving Books

Over the River and Though the Wood by Lydia Maria Child

There are many versions available of this classic Thanksgiving poem but I like the one illustrated by Christopher Manson best. Even though the snowy scenes depicted bring Christmas to my mind more than Thanksgiving I love the look and feel of the old fashioned holiday and especially appreciated the music included on the back page so I could sing the book.

Thanksgiving Is Here! by Diane Good

The text in this one is a treat with a rollicking rhythm that's just begging to be sung but its the illustrations that really make it a keeper. The pen and watercolor illustrations are so full of hilarious detail that I found myself flipping thru the pages long after the kids had finished to follow the many side storylines in picture. A book Zeke requested over and over...and over...again!

Thanksgiving With Me by Margaret Willey

This soft ballad is a dialogue between mother and daughter as they anticipate the girl's 6 uncle's arrival for Thanksgiving. The whimsical pencil drawings pair perfectly with the mother's remembrance of past Thanksgivings, and both characters' excitement for the one to come. As a family with many uncles ourselves, Zeke and I especially loved this book but I think any family can relate.

Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markers

Fun rhyming text and beautifully detailed two page spreads take us thru a list of the little and the big things to be thankful for

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