Monday, January 3, 2011

Fall Review

Sept 19th- D is for Dinosaur

Sept 20th- Z is for Zoo

Sept 27th- A is for Apple

Oct 4- week off for a wedding

Oct 11- L is for Leaves

Oct 18- I is for Instrument

Oct 25- P is for Pumpkin

Nov 1- week off for sickness

Nov 8- B is for Bug

Nov 15- T is for Turkey

Nov 22- week off for Thanksgiving

Nov 29th- J is for Jessie Tree (and for Jesus!)

12 weeks and 9 letters later we are 1/3 done with our first year preschooling at home. I'll admit that 3 months later our day looked nowhere near as formal as I had at first envisioned. The thing is, circle time with one child? Its kind of silly. So instead of the 9-11 rhythm of circle then activities then a break and then arts and crafts/baking....well in the end we just sort of fit all those things into our day. We bake and do arts and crafts when the kids (and I) are in the mood for it. We do reading and letter recognition and counting and all those other "circle" type activities in the quiet in between moments of our day. And the activities I set out every week? Well they are there, ready to be explored at will.

After taking the month of December off for carols and christmas books and ornament painting and wreath making and cookie baking (did I say taking the month off?), Zeke and I both find ourselves ready to start anew for winter. There are 11 weeks until we take our "Spring Break" for some family traveling and I'm hoping to get thru another 9 letters during that time.

I will say that the longer we are at this, the more I realize the alphabet theme was unnecessary at best. It doesn't really aid in anything and in the end it really just limits us. I'm also strongly considering slowing down next year- maybe 1 theme in a month? Broad things like Fall or Transportation. I feel like all-too-often Zeke isn't done with something when we move on and we could really delve deeper into things given more time. Something for me to consider. For this year, at least, I'd like to finish off the alphabet...if for no other reason then to say that I did.

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