Friday, January 7, 2011

Paper Snowflakes

There are about a hundred different methods of cutting paper snowflakes, some of them with quite amazing results. I found this method to be easiest for little fingers, however. And for fancier results you can always use one of these patterns-

First I get out coffee filters, and scissors.

The coffee filters are thin enough to be easily cut, even when folded over a dozen times. And they are already circular.
For a 6 pointed snowflake you want to fold your coffee filter in half, then into thirds, and then into half again.
But Zeke folded a few of his a bit differently, and in the end they all looked good.
Once folded, start cutting chunks out of the sides and top. And then, the big reveal...unfold your snowflake (carefully, the filters are thin and fragile).

We picked out our favorites and taped them to our front window.

And then we swept up about a million little tiny pieces of paper off the ground. But hey, the baby loved the "snow" while it lasted.

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