Friday, September 17, 2010

Week Wrap-Up- D is for Dinosaur

You know, originally my theme for week 1 was Fall. Of course it wasnt long before I realized that while it may be September it doesn't much look like Fall out there. So last-minute I switched it to D is for Dinosaurs (passing right over the more obvious choices- Duck, Dog). While that made for a hectic weekend of putting everything together, I'm glad I did it. Dinosaurs are popular around here and it made for a fun week.

It's funny because I totally thought the laundry pin activity would be a breeze for Zeke and I was really concerned about putting the dropper out. I had it completely wrong. I think the laundry pins wont come out for a good couple months, they were far too frustrating for Zeke. He knew exactly what he was supposed to do and he just couldn't do it. The dropper, however, he got after only a few tries. And then he spent at least a half hour most days switching the water carefully back and forth.

I'll admit that I didnt have Daisy the Dancing Dinosaur memorized when we started Monday morning, I had to use a cheat sheet. But Zeke loved the story so much I had it down by that same afternoon. He asked for it at least 300 times this week. He liked to act it out with the stuffed dinosaurs I made.

Speaking of those, I'm glad I made them. Not that I will be making stuffed toys every week, far from it. But dinosaurs are just about Zeke's favorite thing in the universe right now and he didn't have any. I could have gone to the $ store, but I was inspired at Mindful Mamas and I'm glad I made the extra effort.

I didnt plan any field trips for this week, but we did end up going to the children's museum and there was a digging for fossils section I hadnt noticed before (we dont go often in summer so even though exhibits are slow slow slow to be switched out, this isn't surpring). Zeke hightailed it right over, despite the fact that I dont think he gets it at all.

I HAD considered previewing and then allowing him to watch the Disney movie Dinosaurs. Unfortunately, however, he had watched a lot more TV the week prior than we had ever allowed before, I think he watched a movie 4 days in a row. It ended up disturbing his sleep so I had already made the decision "No TV AT ALL for at least a week". Since that takes us all the way into day one of Z is for Zoo, I'm calling it a loss.

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