Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Leaf Books

The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger

This was both mine, and Zeke's favorite book. In fact, I very much want to buy this one. The collage illustrations, made from graph paper, magazine pages, touches of paint, and even I'm pretty sure at one point a water bill, are stunning. But even more rare (for a children's book) the text is beautifully rendered. A "riot of fiery leaves" fly thru the air, apples get "musky" and leaves "crackly dry", a harvest moon "blooms amber" and the sun "beckoned and teased". I could read this book over and over, and Zeke could listen to it just as many times.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

This is a preschool/kindergarten staple. The die cut pages and leaf collages (made from photocopies of real leaves) are both stunning, and sometimes hilarious (I just love those leaf chickens!) as the story follows the journey of the Leaf Man, for after all, "A leaf man's gotta go where the wind blows."

Mouse's First Fall by Lauren Thompson

This book had very simple text, a bit more geared towards Malachi, then Ezekiel. I just loved the texture of the illustrations, however, not to mention the variety of shape and color in the leaves.

Who Loves The Fall by Bob Raczka

Not strictly a leaf book, this one still stole our hearts...and got us very excited for the season! With bright illustrations and catchy rhymes it takes us thru everything we love best about fall, from the obvious (pie crust fillers) to the not-so-obvious (former caterpillars-aka monarch butterflies). Zeke especially enjoyed the reference to "helicopters" as we have a Maple tree and these curious flying seeds ourselves, but I think its safe to say everyone will relate.

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