Friday, January 7, 2011

S is for Snow

S is one of those letters with endless possibilities. Things we didn't do- sewing, spooning from bowl to bowl, smell memory, painting in shaving cream, simon says, stringing beads.... And snow? Oh the snow crafts available! I could have done S is for Snow for a whole month, that is for sure. But here is what we did do.

Circle Time

Snow books and songs

Snow in the Sink
Stacking Cups
ound Matching
Play Silks

Art Study
Starry Night by Van Gogh

oup, Sandwiches

Arts and Crafts
Painting Snow (aka white paint)
Cutting Snowflakes with Scissors
Marshmallow Igloos
Winter Stickers

nickerdoodles (a cookie rolled in Sugar)

Of course we also played quite a bit in the snow outside! Even making our own snowman!

We also watched Frosty the Snowman
(a recent favorite movie) one last time before storing it away for next year.

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